EFL Launch for the Year of Faith, Oct. 2012


Hello World! I’m Mary Prillo, a busy mom of seven kids and chairperson of Eucharist for Life Children’s Mission. I’m reporting on our first meeting after summer break which coincided with the beginning of the Year of Faith.  We underlined the incredible importance of this Year of Faith as a time of great grace for all who open their hearts to receive it. We made a commitment to pray for deeper faith for ourselves, our priests, parents of unborn children and the whole church. We pray as well for the gift of faith for all those who do not yet believe and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. After praise and adoration in the chapel, the children acted out the “The Resurrection of Our Lord” and “The Descent of the Holy Spirit” while praying the scriptural rosary. We reflected on the fact that by inviting the Holy Spirit to act in our lives and lead us, we grow in faith and love. The children then went to the gym with some of the dads for sports and recreation while the rest of us stayed in the chapel to pray. We concluded our time together in the cafeteria with refreshments and fun!

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