EFL on the First Sunday of Advent, Dec. 2012


Today our focus was on Advent, an important time of preparation to receive Jesus, our true Lord and Savior. Are we using this time of preparation wisely? The children prayed and acted out the second and third Joyful Mysteries of the rosary. For the mystery of the Visitation, we reflected on how Mary waited for the coming of our Lord. Hers was a time of service; of consideration for others. We emphasized that Jesus was still a tiny, unborn child when Mary met Elizabeth. John himself was still in his mother’s womb when he leapt for joy at the presence of his cousin. Jesus, just barely conceived in his mother’s womb, generates such a powerful reaction in John! How real is the life of the unborn and how much we need to pray for a change of heart in those who do not respect the sacredness of every human life. During the mystery of the Nativity, we reflected on the response of the shepherds. Do we respond and seek out Christ? Do we adore Him when we find Him? Do we run and tell everyone the Good News?

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